AbraNFT: Unlocking the full potential of your NFTs!

How does it work?

The parameters

  • An NFT that collateralizes the loan, provided by the borrower.
  • An amount of MIM borrowed using that NFT as collateral, provided by the lender.
  • An interest rate paid by the borrower on the borrowed MIM.
  • A timeframe on which the loan needs to be repaid. If the loan is not repaid before the expiry date, the NFT ownership is transferred to the lender, and the debt is settled.

Why AbraNFT?

What NFT will I be able to use on AbraNFT?

How does AbraNFT benefit SPELL holders?

W(h)en are we planning on Launching AbraNFT?

Credits: Jaime Robles, Code4rena

We cannot wait to share with you this new era for Abracadabra Money and the NFT ecosystem as a whole!




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The Ultimate Finance Spell Book!

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